Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flex application slows down over time

I have been working on a simple Flex application that draws many rectangles in one of five different colors on a Canvas. I created a Sprite object which I used to do the drawing. At first I was drawing each rectangle like this:
var g:Graphics =;

But I noticed when I was drawing hundreds of rectangles over time (using a Timer object to paint new rectangles every few hundred milliseconds) this got to be pretty slow.
So my next attempt to improve performance was to cache a BitmapData object for each rectangle (they are all the same size) of a certain color:
// initialize the cache in the constructor
var cache:Dictionary = new Dictionary();

// paint each rectangle:
var color:uint = 0xff0000;
var data:BitmapData = cache[color];
if (data == null) {
    data = new BitmapData(2020false, color);
    cache[color= data;

This definitely improved the performance a lot, now I can draw hundreds of rectangles, but I still noticed that the rendering would slow down after a few minutes. Thankfully I came across this posting on Nabble:

Perhaps this is obvious to most people, but I was never calling graphics.clear()! So over time my sprite's graphics object was getting filled with thousands of rectangles to paint. As soon as I added to my updateDisplayList() function it worked perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, this was very helpful! I had the same problem today when I was still learning the Flash.