Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unable to export SWC oem

Ever seen this error? I just came across it today. Thankfully the solution is very simple, but it took a few minutes of Google searches to find the solution.

The problem is caused by having invalid assets selected in your Flex Library Project. Probably you've removed one or more asset files, but the project properties didn't get updated.
To fix this open your project Properties > Flex Library Build Path > Assets, then de-select all your assets, and then re-select the assets. Click OK and it should update your project properties with the correct assets.

Credits go to this useful website: FlexGarden.net


Wakka said...

for me this didn't work (flashbuilder 4).

I hit CTRL+SHIFT+R and entered ".buildpath" to opened it. Then I manually removed all Entries within the <includeResources>-Tag

Wakka said...

sorry i ment ".flexLibProperties" not ".buildpath"

blogster said...

Worked for me. Thanks a lot :)

Glasheen said...

This saved me some grief - thank you.

Guogang Hu said...

Work like a charm. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thaaaaaank you!!

Anonymous said...

I changed the ... to

but Eclipse put the stuff back in (from memory/cache or some restore mechanism).


1. Shutdown Eclipse

2. Go into project folder and edit .flexLibProperties to empty (or remove) and save.

Start Eclipse

In main menu Project>Clean

Point is when moving assets/files around you may get odd results - review the .files.

Anonymous said...

worked for me .. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

It did worked for me. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Wakka... your instructions helped me.