Thursday, March 4, 2010

DragHandle, ResizeHandle

Here are two customizable drag and resize handles:

You can set the following properties:
  • rows - sets the number of rows of dots
  • columns - sets the number of columns of dots
  • dotSize - sets the dot size (defaults to 2)
  • dropShadowEnabled - sets whether a drop shadow is used (defaults to false)
  • dropShadowColor - sets the drop shadow color
  • keepOnTop - if true then the handle will be on top of the other sibling components
  • positionResizeHandle - If true then the resize handle will be positioned in the bottom right corner of the parent (ResizeHandle only)
* Note: if you explicitly set the width and height of the DragHandle or ResizeHandle, then the rows and columns properties are ignored. In this case as many dots are rendered as will fit into that area.

You can set the following styles too:
  • backgroundColor, backgroundAlpha - sets the background color alpha for the drag/resize handle
  • dragHandleColor, dragHandleAlpha - sets the color and alpha value for the drag handle
  • resizeHandleColor, resizeHandleAlpha - sets the color and alpha value for the resize handle

These two components are used in all the Resizable Containers.

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