Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Divider Background Color

Here is a simple component that extends the Flex 3 mx.containers.DividedBox class to provide two styles for filling in the background behind each divider.

My component is creatively called flex.utils.ui.DividedBox. It has all the same properties and styles as its parent, plus these two styles:
  • dividerBackgroundColor - the background color behind each divider, defaults to #000000.
  • dividerBackgroundAlpha - the alpha value for the background color, defaults to 1.

Here it is in action (View Source enabled):


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice work. How do you remove the handle from the divider? I just want the background color to show.

Chris Callendar said...

Good question. I think if you set dividerSkin="{null}" it hides the handle? Give it a try.