Monday, August 29, 2011

Can't type into Flex textbox on Mac Safari 5.1!

I recently ran into a problem on Mac Safari 5.1 where I couldn't type into any text boxes in my Flex App. Very frustrating! Anyway, I finally found a simple solution from the Adobe Forums.

First this problem only happens with the Debug Flash Player.

The fix is very simple - in Safari under the Develop menu (if you don't see the Develop menu it can be shown by going to Preferences > Advanced and checking the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox), change the User-Agent to Firefox or something other than the default. This will cause the page to reload, and should allow you to type again.



Steven Rieger said...

Didn't work for me. Any other ideas?

Chris Callendar said...

Hmm no I don't have any other ideas. If you haven't already, maybe try checking the Adobe Forums to see if there are other suggestions? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for the tip
When I change the User-Agent, I regain control over input boxes, but only during that session, for so long the other User-Agent is chosen.
Weird bug. I wonder if it is the user-agent causing the problems, or if changing the User-Agent just does something that has a side-effect of regaining control.

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path addict said...


Great work! I was thinking in make one too :) Now that I see that is already done, is there a possibility of share it?

regards :)

Chris Callendar said...

Hi path addict - did you mean to post this on my Path Builder blog post instead? I haven't released the source code for it because I haven't cleaned up the code, it's not very well organized yet. I plan to release it once I've cleaned it up a bit.